Friday, January 30, 2015

Another Grateful Week

Couldn't be happier about the book's reception this week. This is definitely the fun part. Brisk business on Amazon, and my agent told me that No Simple Highway made the San Francisco Chronicle's regional bestseller list for nonfiction. (I have an embarrassing story about my attempts to place the Ramparts book on that list. Maybe another time.)

I just listened to this segment hosted by Liz Saint John for Alice 97.3's Weekend Magazine. I really like the way it came out. Thanks, Liz!

I'm looking forward to a KPFA spot today (Jan. 31) with David Gans and the Grateful Dead Marathon). KPFA and other Bay Area radio stations (KMPX, KSAN, KFOG, even KYA) figure significantly in the book, of course. My chat with David today will start at noon. I also plan to work the telephones during pledge drive and will return in March to chat with Brian Edwards-Tiekert.

On February 1, I'm traveling to one of the Dead's sacred sites (Cornell University) for some unrelated business. Maybe I'll light a candle at Barton Hall. Then back to it on Tuesday.



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