Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Silicon Valley Event

Save the date: Friday, April 24. The California Studies Association is hosting an all-day conference called "Debugging the Silicon Dream: Real Life in a Virtual World" at De Anza College in Cupertino. Here's the description:
The Internet floats in the popular imagination like a disembodied utopia; the mecca of Silicon Valley rises out of nowhere, built by technological genius and entrepreneurial drive. In real life, however, these stories obscure more than they reveal. This conference aims to "ground" public discussion about the Internet, Silicon Valley, and high-tech California. The event will bring together scholars, artists, community leaders, and the broader public to explore both the real-world forces that shape these developments and their consequences for people and place.

Click here for more information: panels, speakers, schedule, etc. If you're a student in my San Francisco State class, you will receive extravagant credit toward your course participation grade for attending this. Free for students, but please register for food planning purposes.


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