Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ramparts Piece in California History

I should be receiving page proofs soon for a piece that will run in California History. I was delighted to hear from editor Janet Fireman, who suggested I submit something from the Ramparts book. The essay is adapted from Chapter 3, "The Perilous Fight," which covers the 1964-67 period. That's when art director Dugald Stermer and Robert Scheer, who would eventually become editor-in-chief, signed on to the magazine.

Another boon: Shelly Kale, managing editor of California History, decided to feature the cover art from the July 1966 issue of Ramparts. It's Edward Sorel's "The Aviary [Hawkus Caucus Americanus]," which is really something. It looks like that will run on the cover of California History, too.

The Ramparts book is now in production, by the way. The publication date is September 8.



At 3:28 PM , Anonymous mike salisbury said...


i have an original sunday ramparts. any clue how to get it appraised?



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