Friday, March 07, 2008

The Cannons on Bush

Lou and Carl Cannon have a new book, Reagan's Disciple, that compares Reagan and George W. Bush at the latter's expense. Jacob Heilbrunn's review ran this week in the New York Times.

Lou covered Governor Reagan for the San Jose Mercury and was senior White House correspondent for The Washington Post during Reagan's presidency. His son Carl is White House correspondent for the National Journal.

As it turns out, Lou is also a Carey McWilliams fan. Their friendship stretched back to the 1960s, when Lou was writing a book (his first) on Reagan and Jesse Unruh. Lou told me he had mentioned McWilliams in every book he has written since then. Not sure yet if that applies to this new one.

When I was researching American Prophet, Lou was very supportive. I interviewed him at his home near Santa Barbara, he reviewed the manuscript for the University of Michigan Press, and he ran my article on McWilliams in California Journal.

I've read two of Lou's previous books: Governor Reagan: His Rise to Power and Official Negligence: How Rodney King and the Riots Changed Los Angeles and the LAPD. Both first-rate.


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