Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cal Studeez Stunna!!!!

It's happening. Mark your calendars. The 18th annual conference of the California Studies Association is coming to Berkeley, April 11-13. Check out Changing Climates: Class, Culture, and Politics in an Era of Global Warming.

Boatloads of talent. Matt Gonzalez will give the keynote Friday night at Berkeley City College. The next two days will feature many of my faves: Philip Fradkin, Rick Wartzman, Rose Aguilar, Dick Walker, Peter Schrag, Peter Laufer, Sasha Abramsky, David Bacon, Jon Rowe, etc. Susan McWilliams and Yumi Wilson will chair panels, and Mary Moreno Richardson is coming from San Diego to tell us how she made the Minutemen enemy's list.

The panels will be on the environmental impacts of ports, coping with climate change, working in the green economy, green media, California lit, immigration and the border, and more. Former Assemblymember Jackie Goldberg will give the lunch address on Saturday.

This is going to be good, people. Free and open to the public (donations requested), 2050 Center St. in Berkeley.


At 3:32 AM , Blogger Stephen said...

Hey Pedro, is Susan McWilliams any relation to you know who?

At 7:06 AM , Blogger Peter Richardson said...

Yep, she's his granddaughter. She teaches political science at Pomona College and graciously agreed to join our confab. CSA gives out a Carey McWilliams award, so there may be a little news along those lines, too.


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