Friday, December 22, 2017

Cal and Rolling Stone

I wrote a piece for California magazine about the link between UC Berkeley and Rolling Stone magazine. I finished it months ago, and I hoped it would coincide with the magazine's 50th anniversary, but its actual publication date arrived closer to the sale of Wenner Media's controlling stake in the magazine.

This piece gave me a chance to chat with Jann Wenner, Joe Hagan, Greil Marcus, Charles Perry, Jon Carroll, David Weir, Jason Fine, and Tessa Stuart. I also relished my interview with Denise Kaufman, to whom Jann was engaged. Unfortunately, that material didn't make the final cut--not because it wasn't interesting or germane, but because the article was running long, and Denise didn't actually write for the magazine. I argued that her story was the straw that stirred the drink, but no dice. Denise was very gracious about it, and I hope to do something else with that material.



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