Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I See Hawks in L.A.

As usual, my Lo-Cal swing produced some unexpected benefits. One was appearing in Marina Del Rey with I See Hawks in L.A.

Dave Alvin (whom my daughters and I saw at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass this year) describes the band as "a talented, literate bunch of soulful musicians" creating "honest and wise roots music for the ages."

Before Bob Scheer and I went on with Jay Levin, founder of LA Weekly, we had a chance to visit with Paul Lacques. In the pic, he's second from the left. Later, I swapped a copy of the Ramparts book and an undisclosed sum of cash for four CDs. Then I listened to them on the drive up I-5. Good driving music, and many superb tunes.

I especially like "Good and Foolish Times" from the "Hallowed Ground" CD. First rate, as fine as anything I've heard recently. (It moved me off my obsession with Neil Young's "Down by the River.") But there are other catchy ones, too, including "Carbon Dated Love," "Hallowed Ground," "Raised by Hippies," etc.

Bonnie Simmons, are you listening? Please consider giving these guys some KPFA air time and inviting them to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass next year.


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