Friday, February 24, 2006

Lo-Cal Swing

I leave tomorrow for Los Angeles and the All Things McWilliams book tour. Monday I'll be at Cal State Northridge, courtesy of Rudy Acuna, author of Occupied America . (My first job out of college was selling this book, and others, for Harper & Row, Publishers.) Sounds like there will be a KPFK interview with his colleague, Gabriel Gutierrez, too. That night I'll be at Oxnard Public Library.

The next day it's off to the Huntington Library for a conversation with Bill Deverell, who directs the Huntington-USC Institute for California and the West. Bill is the author of Whitewashed Adobe , which the University of California Press published in 2004. All of this was arranged by the indefatigable Alice McGrath, who worked with Carey on the Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee in the early 1940s. (For event details, see Gigs.)



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